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Entertainment GuideThere is a whole wide world of entertainment options out there. And there are a lot of diamonds out there, but the diamonds are definitely obscured by a big pile of rocks. One great TV Show premieres, but 8 more terrible shows premiere the same week. A web site could be the answer, sorting through the entertainment blizzard. Unfortunately, there are about a million of those out there as well. That is why we are pleased to bring you Totem Entertainment.
Totem Entertainment goes through all the sites out there and brings you the best of the best. And we run the gamut of options for you. There are great sites out there about book, movies, television, video games, and music. We will let you know which ones are worthwhile. At the other end of the spectrum are sites focused on a single book or movie. We’ll find the best for you. We will go through 100 bad sites to find the one good one that can make your entertainment choices just a little bit easier. And by the time we’re finished, our recommendations will run the gamut as well. Love Radiohead? We’ll find the site that guides you through their catalog. Or maybe you love Bones and think Temperance Brennan is the best character on television. We’ll find you episode guides, character biographies, plus news and information about the actors. Whatever you like, however you want it arranged, we’ll find the choice that is just right for you.

And we will only get better over time. Every day we’re scouring the internet looking for more: more depth, more variety, and always, always more quality. Check out what we have to offer today, but remember that we’re just getting started. Tomorrow, next week, next month and next year, we will be getting better. So come back soon and come back often, because Totem Entertainment is just getting started.

The Originals is Better Than it Has any Right to Be

Watch The Originals online is a site about the CW’s new hit television show, The Originals. Since this show is not only a spin-off, but a spin-off of a television adaption of a teenage vampire book, you would be forgiven for expecting very little from it. It is, after all, a derivative twice removed of something that isn’t usually very good to begin with. You would, however, be very surprised by this passionate drama that is expressly for adults, not teenagers.  While it has no Rotten Tomatoes rating yet, it does have a 100% favorable rating with that site’s users.

The Originals is, at its heart, a very passionate, intelligent soap opera. Consider a brief synopsis of season 1 (caution: spoilers ahead)… Original vampire/werewolf hybrid Klaus Mikaelson is trying to take control of New Orleans from his former protege Marcel. Meanwhile, the oppressed witches of the French Quarter are trying to leverage control of Klaus by threatening harm to the mother of his unborn child and the child itself. Big brother original Elijah Mikaelson sees the child has a chance to repair some of the deep dysfunction of his family and drags reluctant little sister Original Rebekah Mikaelson to town in hopes that she will help him achieve his goal. It is a testament to the extreme drama of the show that even attempting to repair a familial bond is the subject of plotting, alliances, and deception. Its as if plotting and machinations are the one skill that sharpens fastest for these thousand-year-old creatures of the night.

The show is extraordinary and the site is an excellent introduction to that show. Both deserve whatever attention you can give them. The truth is you really only have to give the show a little bit of your attention. After that, it will grab ahold of you and demand that you not miss a minute.